Monday, January 28, 2019

Very Special Guests

Patty & Larry Pridemore
In early December we received an email from Patty Pridemore, who grew up in Fayetteville and whose husband, Larry, had once lived in the building that now houses Lafayette Flats. "My husband’s parents lived in the entire top floor in the 1950s, their living room overlooking Court Street, and ran the restaurant, The Court Street Diner, that was on the ground floor," wrote Patty. She told us that she was planning a trip home for a visit soon and was hoping to stay at Lafayette Flats. "We prefer Quinnimont, as it would be closest to where Larry’s bedroom was," she wrote. Arrangements were made,  and for Christmas Patty surprised her husband with a stay at Lafayette Flats and a trip home to visit family.

Now as a general rule we don't meet our guests when they arrive, relying on our coded entry system to welcome them to the Flats, but we love to talk to folks who know the history of our building, so we made it a point to be there when the Pridemores arrived. It was a treat to walk them through the building and show them the parts we had changed and those we had restored. We asked Larry way too many questions and he was gracious to indulge our curiosity. As we moved through the different rooms, he shared memories of what it was like to live in the building, and both he and Patty told us stories of living in Fayetteville in the 1950s.

Larry Pridemore in his former bedroom
When we arrived in Quinnimont, the first stop was what is now the luxurious bathroom but what Larry remembered as his bedroom. He correctly noted that the area that now contains the shower was a little smaller than he remembered it as his closet (we had to shrink it slightly to make room for the plumbing system). Otherwise, he said the space felt just as he remembered it.

Moving through the Flat, Larry told us story after story as his memories of living in the building came flooding back. We enjoyed it so much that we had to force ourselves to leave them to get settled in after their long car trip from Georgia.

We are grateful to Patty and Larry for allowing us the opportunity to host them, and for the gracious way in which they enriched our understanding of the history of our building!

Friday, January 18, 2019

HomeAway Finds a Place to Stay in Fayetteville, WV

Over 2 million unique places to stay in 190 countries around the world are showcased on Four of those listings are the vacation rentals of Lafayette Flats in Fayetteville, West Virginia.

In March 2017, HomeAway launched Moment Makers, a video series that captures the stories of vacation rental partners that go above and beyond for their guests. We were thrilled to find out that Lafayette Flats was chosen as a feature property!

The Fayetteville, WV episode was only the fifth in the series, with precious videos shot in Rome, Italy; Sydney, Australia; Austin, Texas; and Nashville, Tennessee.

We had the best time showing off wild, wonderful West Virginia to the outstanding HomeAway film crew! Watching visitors to our state appreciate the beauty of our places and our people is an incredible experience, and why we got into the vacation rental business.

Thanks to HomeAway for taking the time to experience the REAL West Virginia. And thanks to all the ever-wonderful Fayetteville folks for being great hosts and generally fascinating people.

There is no doubt that everyone's dedication to this project will help advance our alternative narrative for West Virginia.