Thursday, August 17, 2017

Looking for Our Next Writer

Sometime around the middle of our first season hosting guests at Lafayette Flats, it occurred to us
that the flats were probably not going to be in high demand during the winter months. We began to imagine how we could use that time to continue to promote the arts, and it didn't take us too long to land on the idea of hosting a writer-in-residence for the winter. We consulted our Charleston neighbor Colleen Anderson, who had participated in such writer-in-residence programs, and she helped us come up with a plan for promoting and structuring the residency. We chose the name "New River Gorge Winter Writer's Residency at Lafayette Flats" and went about the process of publicizing it to the writing community.

Eric Shonkwiler
We were thrilled with the response we received and even more thrilled with the writer we selected when Eric Shonkwiler became the very first New River Gorge Writer-in-Residence and arrived in Fayetteville on January 1, 2015. Over the next three months he lived and wrote in Flat #2  Corten. You can read his contributions to our blog here.

Mary Ann Henry
In 2016, we were pleased to be able to facilitate the return home for a native West Virginian when Mary Ann Henry became our second writer-in-residence. After living in that other Charleston (South Carolina) for many years, Mary Ann was delighted to spend a few months in Fayetteville to re-write a book that she had written years before that was set in West Virginia. Read what she wrote on our blog during her visit by clicking here.

Kathleen M. Jacobs
Earlier this year we were pleased to host another West Virginian, Kathleen M. Jacobs. Kathleen's focus is on writing young readers and children's books, but her blog posts were terrific reading for us grown-ups. Her appreciation of Fayetteville and its people was palpable and she didn't want to leave when her residency was over at the end of March. We think she'd still be here if we didn't need the space for our guests!
Who will be our 2018 Writer-in-Residence?

And now, even though summer is still high and there is a lot more outdoor fun to be had in Fayetteville before winter arrives, it is time to think about who our 2018 Writer-in-Residence will be. We are taking applications now and would love for you to help us find our next writer! If you know someone who would benefit from having a three-month retreat in beautiful surroundings where they can muse, create and live please refer them to our website where they can apply, or have them email us at Applications will be accepted through October 1st.