Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fayetteville Pork

If we are being really honest about it, it was probably the pork that caused us to buy the building and turn it into Lafayette Flats.

Really. There is something about Fayetteville pork. It's hard to explain exactly, but it impressed us when we first discovered it and it seems to continually impress our guests, to whom we never fail to recommend it.

"It doesn't matter where you go to dinner," we tell them, "but get the pork." They usually do and when they do, they always report back with glowing agreement.

It makes us wonder if Fayetteville folks understand how lucky they are.

Now it is impossible to try to relate in a blog post what makes it so good, but we can use this space to list three places in Fayetteville that have amazing pork offerings so you can try it for yourself:

Diogi's - It says on the menu that Diogi's Carnitas are "famous in Fayetteville," but we know folks in Charleston who smile whenever this meat is mentioned. Whether it is in a quesadilla, a chimichanga, or just by itself there is no denying that this stuff is amazing.

Pies and Pints - We are so thankful for the P&P insider who told us to try the Black Bean Pie with added pork topping that we now recommend it to everyone who says they are going there, but you can also not go wrong with the Cuban Pie.

Elliott's Whitewater Grill - We recently discovered the Hawg Wings at Elliott's. "Hogs have wings?" we asked. "Try them" we were told. We did. We loved them. Now we're telling you to try them.

OK, so it probably wasn't the pork that made us create Lafayette Flats, but certainly the many great food offerings in town helped encourage us!