Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A few before and after photos

Construction is ongoing, but the third floor and major portions of the second floor are nearly done. Here are a few before and after photos of some of the areas where work is complete.

Before and after views of the 3rd floor hallway where the entry to Quinnimont (Flat 3) is now located.
Eddy's (Flat 4) kitchen occupies the same space as the old 3rd floor kitchen.
The 2nd floor public bathroom door has been turned into a bookcase, the wall
that formerly closed off the 3rd floor has been removed and the stair rail rebuilt.
There was much more work required to create Quinnimont's (Flat 3) living room and kitchen than this
photo implies; new plumbing, HVAC and complete refinishing of the baseboards for starters!

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