Saturday, June 8, 2013


Two weeks until we close. The waiting is driving us crazy.

Amy has channeled her nervous energy into making lists. Amy loves her lists (she claims that she dreams in lists) and she has a list for everything. Lists of things that we need to do. Lists of people we need to contact. Lists of items we need to purchase. She even has a list of all of the lists that she has made. No joke.

Some future Lafayette Flats décor items residing in our basement
One of her lists has been slowly but surely turning into an ever-growing collection of décor items and housewares that is taking over our basement and spare bedroom. She has a detailed mental picture of how she wants each space in Lafayette Flats to look and whenever she finds a new piece of the puzzle she buys it and crosses it off the list. Shawn can only stand by and watch, because the visual part of this list resides mostly inside of Amy's head.

Shawn has lists too. One of them is a list of returned phone calls we're waiting on. This list is very long, because people don't seem to want to call us back.

Now we know that part of the reason people aren't calling us back is skepticism. Since we're committed to using local contractors as much as possible for the work at Lafayette Flats, it means that we're having to introduce ourselves to lots of new people and convince these folks that we're for real; we'd probably feel the same way if we were them. It will take some time for them to realize we're serious and then I am sure they will start calling back. At least I hope so.

So if you are reading this and are one of those people we have called, please call us back.

Also, we are still looking for some local sub-contractors in just about every trade, so if you are one or if you have any recommendations on people we should use, please email us at

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