Saturday, May 11, 2013

Monkey Love LLC

While Lafayette Flats is what we call our vacation rental, there is another strange name associated with the project that might require a little explanation: Monkey Love LLC.

As we wrote before, we don't usually buy each other gifts but once in a while one of us will see something that reminds us of the other and we can't resist the urge to buy it. One the very first such things was a little ceramic statue of two monkeys hugging and kissing on a bench. Shawn saw it at an antique store and immediately knew he had to buy it for Amy. The little statue sits in a prominent place in our home.

"Monkey Love" became one of Amy's pet names for Shawn and the little statue has become kind of a symbol of our relationship. 

When we had to think of a name for the LLC that would be the legal entity that would own Lafayette Flats, Monkey Love was the first thing that we thought of.

So now it's official. The IRS and the State of West Virginia now knows us at the owners of Monkey Love LLC. 

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