Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fayetteville Food

There is a common thread of high quality that runs through all of the locally owned Fayetteville restaurants that is usually hard to find in towns this size, and we readily admit that it is one of the things that makes us want to spend more time in Fayetteville. We really haven't had a disappointing meal at any of them, but we are particularly fond of The Secret Sandwich Society and Diogi's and seem to gravitate back to those. Most of the meals we've had at Pies and Pints have been at the Charleston location, and it's comforting to know that we'll be able to have our favorite Black Bean Pie (with Pork) within walking distance of Lafayette Flats. 

Gumbo's (which by the way is moving soon to the space formerly occupied by The Vandalian) is a real treasure as is the Cathedral CafĂ© and Swirl. The Wildflour Bakery, in addition to having lots of sweet and tasty things, has some of the best hot dogs you can find any where in West Virginia (don't take our word for it - see this expert's opinion).

All of these places are a short walk from Lafayette Flats. We also heard a rumor that a well loved Oak Hill country-cooking restaurant will soon be branching out into Fayetteville and will be right next door to Lafayette Flats.

A short drive will take you to several other great local eateries like Dirty Ernies Rib Pit, Smokies on the Gorge, Chetty's Pub and The Burrito Bar. We're talking a lot of really good dining options in a town with a population of a few thousand people.

Each of our flats will have a kitchen, but with the breakfast, lunch and dinner options that Fayetteville provides, I suspect that they won't need to be used too much.


  1. Diogi's carnitas...O...M...G! Love!

  2. And how could you forget Pies and Pints and Secret Sandwich society...all still within walking distance.